Three Coordinate CNC Gundrilling Machine


Machine Mainly Parameters:

● The chamber box, machine bed, infeeding slide table, upright column, working table and other basicparts casted by super iron;

● The tool cutter infeeding guide rail adopts roller guide linear rail, others servoaxis adopts slide guiderail or linear guide rail;

● The servo spindle motor drive the tool rotate, the tool rotating speed is stepless;

● The cutter tool infeed adopts servo motor to drive ball screw, so the cutter tool infeeding volume can bestepless controlled;

● Fit the coolant system pressure adjusting knob and flow adjusting panel on the CNC system operation panel; The chips conveyor is in front, convinently to check the chips condition.

Main Parameters of Machine Tool

Technical specificationParameters
Working capacityDrilling range (mm) φ3~φ35
Max.Drilling length (mm) 1000 1500 2000 2500
Machine characterZ-axisInfeeding speed range (m/min)5~500
Rapid movement speed (m/min)5
Infeed motor torque (Nm)7.5 10
X-axisRapid movement speed (m/min) 3
Traval stroke (mm) 1000 1500 2000 2500
Motor torque (Nm)15 18 22 30
Y-axis Rapid movement speed (m/min)3
Traval stroke (mm) 1000
Motor torque (Nm) 15 22
Drill bar boxMax.speed (r/min) 5000
Motor power (kW) 7.5
Working tableDimension(XxZ, m) 1.5×1 1.8×1.2 2.2×1.5 3×2
Working table loading capacity (t)6 8 10
Coolant system Max.pressure (MPa) 10
Max.flow (L/min) 100
Filtering accuracy (um) 20
others Max.D-L ratio
Machine general power (kW) 26 27 29
Machine floor space(LxW, m) 6.3×4.5 7.4×5.8 8.9×7.5
Machine general weight (t) 14 19 25

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