BTA and Gundrilling Combined Machine

Machine Mainly Parameters:

● This machine both have gundrilling and BTA drilling method, hole diameter range 4mm to 80mm, Max.drilling 3000mm.

● This series machine has single spindle and double spindle two structures.

● This combined machine reduce the end users cost and floor space.

Main Parameters of Machine Tool

Technical specificationParameters
Single spindle structureDouble spindle structure
Working capacityDrill hole diameter (mm)Gundrilling φ8~φ30 φ4~φ30
BTA φ25~φ60φ25~φ80
Working depth (mm)1000~3000, one specification every 500mm
Workpiece length (mm)1000~3000, one specification every 500mm
Maxworkpiece OD (mm)φ250
Max.workpiece weighte (kg) 2000
Machine CharacterDrill bar boxRotating speed (r/min)200~2000 抢钻 :200~5000
Main motor power (kW)18.5 抢钻 :7.5
Z-axisInfeed speed range (mm/min)5~500
Rapid movement speed (mm/min)2000
Motor torque (Nm)15
OthersHole Max. L-D raito 100:1
Machine general power (kW) 45 55
Coolant system Max. pressure (MPa) 10 10
Max.flow (L/min) 200 300
Filtering accuracy (um)20 40

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