CK611-T Series CNC Heavy Duty Lathe


CK611-T series machine tools are heavy-duty horizontal flat-bed CNC lathes, which can adopt CNC

Systems such as SIEMENS/ FANUC/ KND/GSK, and all-digital AC servo system. Turning main drive manual four- speed stepless speed change, the main motor is DC motor or AC servo motor, two linkage control. The Z-axis and X-axis of the machine tool with a center distance of 1-5M use a ball screw pair and an AC servo motor to achieve longitudinal and lateral movement, with good positioning and repeated positioning accuracy.

The main functions of the machine: The main components and structures have been optimized and designed, and the stability and performance of the whole machine are excellent. Applicable to energy, chemical industry, light industry, electromechanical, papermaking, automobile industry and other industries. It has the characteristics of high precision, high power, high rigidity and high degree of automation.

It is suitable for processing shaft, sleeve and disc parts. Such as turning inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, arc surfaces, end surfaces, grooving, chamfering, threading, etc., the process has strong adaptability, high processing efficiency, simple operation, and comprehensive functions, which can reduce the need for skilled workers. requirements, it is an ideal machining equipment.

Notice: boring, milling, grinding, drilling functions are optional.

Special Ordered Parts

Item Machine model
CK61125TCK61140T CK61160T CK61180TCK61200T
CNC turning and boring function Parts Optional; After adding this functional part, deep hole boring machine processing and deep hole turning processing can be realized.
CNC turning and milling function Parts Optional; After adding this functional part, drilling and simple milling can be realized.
CNC turning and grinding function Parts Optional; After adding this functional part, the abrasive belt grinding of the outer circle can be realized.
Chuck Standard Φ1250mm Φ1400mm Φ1600mm
Special ordered Parts Φ1400 Φ1600 Φ1800 Φ2000mm
Center Frame Standard Φ70-470mmΦ400-700mm
Special ordered Parts Φ400-700mmΦ120-470mm
Turret Standard LDB4-C61125
Special ordered Parts Optional according to user requirements
Roller Standard No, special order is available
Max. loading capacity of two centers 25T
Machine bed width 1100mm
Max.swing diameter over bed 1300mm 1500mm 1700mm1900mm 2100mm
Max.swing diameter over turret 850mm 1050mm 1250mm1450mm 1650mm
Max.workpiece Length 1000-16000mm
Headstock Parameters
Spindle front bearing diameter 280mm
Spindle bore diameter 100mm
Spindle taper Metric 140#
Spindle speed series Hydraulic four gear, stepless speed regulation within gear
Spindle rotary speed range 2-200r/Min
Main motor power 55kW
Infeed system parameters
SIEMENS CNC control system
Longitudinal servo motor torque 50N.M
Transverse servo motor torque 30N.M
FANUC CNC system
Longitudinal servo motor torque 50N.M
Transverse servo motor torque 40N.M
Cutter bar cross section 60×60
Turret workstation quantity Vertical type 4 station
Cutter disc repeated positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Longitudinal rapid feed rate 4000mm/min
Transverse rapid feed rate 4000mm/min
Longitudinal feed speed 1-2000mm/min
Transverse Infeed speed 1-2000mm/min
Tailstock parameters
Tailstock sleeve diameter (Mandrel rotation) 280mm
Tailstock sleeve taper 1:7
Tailstock sleeve stroke 300mm

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