Deep Hole Toolings

  • BTA Drilling Head

    Our BTA drilling head adopts internal chip removal method. It is composed of cutter body, guide pad, inserts and screw (ø > 65mm with Nylon supporting ). The cutter body is made of high quality steel, which is made by precise heat treatment. The cutter inserts and guide pad are imported products ( guide pad for ø > 65mm drilling head is self-made).
    This product has the advantages of high processing efficiency, easy replacement of inserts (no welding, only screw to fix the inserts on the cutter body), low tool consumption (cutter body can be used for a long time). It can process carbon steel, high strength alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials. It is a good substitute for the traditional welding drilling head.

  • Boring Head

    The boring head can realize the rough, semi-rough and fine boring of deep hole. Rough boring head and semi-precision boring head can correct defects in existing holes, such as straightness error, surface roundness error, etc., so that the workpiece can obtain good geometric accuracy and surface roughness. It can process high strength alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials. Fine boring head adopts floating boring cutter block structure. It is suitable for the hole with diameter more than 38mm.

  • Pull Boring Head

    Tool Dia. (mm): φ38-φ43, φ49-φ60, φ73-φ77, φ88-φ107, φ138-φ177, φ251-φ500

    Bar Dia (mm): φ35, φ43, φ65, φ80, φ130, φ220

    Tool Dia. (mm): φ44-φ48, φ61-φ72, φ78-φ87, φ108-φ137, φ178-φ250, φ501-φ800

    Bar Dia (mm): φ40, φ56, φ70, φ100, φ160, φ350

  • Skiving & Burning Head

    Application of YGT Skiving and Burnishing Machine Tooling

    1. The combined skiving and burnishing YGT can process cylindrical tubes and other workpieces in a short time, and the processing can be completed in one process.
    2. Because skiving and burnishing can only work in one direction, the process of cutting and rolling can be completed at one time.
    3. Using the conversion system determined by the machine, the tool can roll back quickly without damaging the finished scraped surface.
    4. Tools can be adjusted by using precise circular diameter adjustable device.

  • ZT Trepaning Head

    This trepanning head is also known as ring drill head, It is used for drilling solid bar. It does not make all the cutting materials as drill chips, but leaves a solid "core" in the center of the hole. Therefore, it can reduce the cost of product production, and successfully set up a reusable bar material in the workpieces that need to be processed, so that the iron chips that were processed with drill bits can be turned into the present one. Reuse of finished products.

    If the workpiece material is expensive, this kind of bit can be used, if it is used for testing and chemical analysis of the core material, it can also be used. If the power of the machine tool is insufficient but you need to drill the large diameter hole, this kind of drill can also be used. The main specifications are 50mm-600mm. Every specifications need to be equipped with special drill bar. Special instructions should be given when ordering.

  • Boring & Rolling Head

    The combination head is one time boring, two times rolling method, or two times boring, one times rolling method, which not only guarantees the processing quality, but also greatly improves the working efficiency.

  • Precision Boring Head

    The cutter block adopts carbide welding structure or index able machine clamp inserts structure, the length direction can be adjusted slightly, and the floating connection between the cutter block and the precision boring head body is adopted, which is suitable for the finishing of deep holes. Cemented carbide welded structure precision knife is suitable for ordinary carbon steel materials with low hardness and alloy materials with high toughness and low hardness. Such as: Titanium alloy, 45 steel, 27SiMn and other materials. The index able inserts structure is more advanced than the cemented carbide structure in resolving most common materials processing. The index able blade can be used index ably without manual grinding. It is simple in tool replacement and maintenance, and more suitable for processing high hardness materials such as stainless steel.

  • Pressing & Rolling Head

    The function of the rolling head is to produce plastic deformation on the metal surface, to correct the surface microroughness of the workpiece, so as to improve the surface roughness value of the workpiece. It can replace the surface heat treatment and finishing process of the workpiece.

  • Honing Head

    Our honing heads are used for deep hole finishing to improve the surface finish of the workpiece.

  • High Speed Boring Head

    The tool is specially designed for workpieces with large cutting volume and fast feed, and is suitable for the cylinder processing industry.

  • Boring & Drilling Bar

    The drilling and boring bar can be used with the corresponding boring head, rolling head, and machine clamp drill. There are 0.5 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters and 2 meters in length for a single section to meet the needs of different machine tools and different processing depths, and the length can be customized according to user needs. Use materials with better mechanical properties to ensure the durability of the drill pipe.

  • Gun Drill Bits

    Gun drill can drill cast iron, carbon steel, copper, aluminum alloy, alloy steel, etc. it can complete drilling, boring and reaming at one time, and it can process high precision (it8-11) and high straightness (0.16-0.5mm/1000mm) at one time,And low roughness (ra6.3-ra0.8). The drilling speed is above 30-100 M /min.


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