Deep Hole Honing Machine


● This machine is specially for all kinds of cylinder shaped workpiece, after worked by this machine, the accuracy up to 1T7, surface roughness up to Ra0.2-Ra0.4um.This machine can be part honing also, so as to repair the parts.

● This machine equips touching screen and PLC, AC servo motors, honing box stepless speed, steady and easy to operate.

Main Technical Specifications and Performance

Technical specificationParameters
2M2125 2M2135 2M2150
Honing diameter range φ40-φ250 φ40-φ350 φ80-φ500
Honing Max.depth 12000 12000 12000
center height 320 400 460
clamping workpiece diameter rangeφ60-φ350 φ60-φ420 φ80-φ650
Honing box spindle speed range10-260r/min2 10-260r/min2 5-130r/min2
Honing box move back and forth speed range1-18m/min 1-18m/min 1-18m/min
Honing box motor power 7.5kW(Variable frequency motor) 7.5kW(Variable frequency motor) 7.5kW(Variable frequency motor)
External oil furnish/lnner oil furnish40L/min 40L/min 40L/min
Coolant pump volume 600L 600L 950L
Motor power 0.75kW 0.75kW 0.75kW
External oil furnish/Inner oil furnish0.25/0.55kW 0.25/0.55kW 0.25/0.55kW
Back and forth motor power4.3kW 4.3kW 4.3kW

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