CNC Gundrilling Machine

Main machines of Gun drilling series:

ZSK Three-dimensional deep hole drilling machines

ZSK Single-dimensional multi-spindlle deep hole drilling machines

Gundrilling is a deep hole drilling process that uses a long, thin cutting tool to produce holes at high depth-to-diameter ratios.

Our gun drilling machines, adopts gun drill chips remove methods, though one time continue drilling, can get the processing quality of drilling, expanding and reaming.

Diameter accuracy IT7-IT11

Surface roughness: Ra0.4-Ra6.3

Diameter central linear less than 0.5-1/1000mm

Drilling diameter range:3mm -40mm

Gun drilling spindles quantity maximum 6 spindles . Deep hole maximum depth 4000mm

Working table maximum loading limit 40tons

Our company has designed the combination deep hole drilling machines, adopts both gun drilling and BTA processing method, deep hole range from 5mm to 100mm, providing the most useful equipments for some factories.

We also can design different solutions according to customers budget, whatever you are group company or small factory, there must be a right model for you.

Application fields:

Moulds: water holes, centre hole, sprue hole, guide pillar hole and so on.

Hydraulic fields: cylinder, piston rod, the oil hole on the cylinder wall.

Automobile fields: cylinder block(internal-combustion engine), crank axle, steering rack, gear shaft valve core.

Textile field: all kinds of spindles center holes.

Medical apparatus and instruments: titanium alloy, stainless steel and other shaft parts deep hole processing.

Electric and turbine fields: rotors, dabber, valve bar, the outer cylinder unit. Condenser tube plate fuel injection equipment, fuel injection nozzle, needle valve, plunger bushing.

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