CK84-series CNC Roll Lathe


The CNC roll lathe adopts three-way structure has the characteristics of high rigidity, precision stability and retention. The design of components is modular, with a high degree of standardization, good interchangeability, and stable quality. The machine tool is advanced in design, reliable in performance, and easy to operate. Easy to maintain. At the same time, the machine is imported and digested by our company of advanced European design and process technology. The whole machine has a high rigidity frame structure design, so it not only has the ability of strong cutting, but also can meet the processing of precision parts. This series of CNC roll lathes is a mechanical processing equipment that integrates advanced technologies such as machinery, electricity, and hydraulics, and is mainly used for the processing of planes, curved surfaces and holes. It is widely used in the rough and finish machining of various plates, boxes, racks and other complex parts in the machinery manufacturing industry. Three-axis linkage of longitudinal motion (XK-Dxis). Mult-process processing such as milling, boring, rilling, rigid tapping, reaming and countersinking can be performed. This machine too is mainly used for the processing of fat rols and hole-shaped rolls, and has rotary parts such as outer circle, end foce, groove, and rotary surface.

Special Ordered Parts

Item Machine model
CK8465 CK8480 CK84100
Max.swing diameter Φ650mm Φ800mm Φ1000mm
Max.turning diameter Φ650mm Φ200~Φ800mm Φ1000mm
Max.workpiece length 3300mm/5200mm 3300mm/5200mm 5000mm/6000mm/8000mm
Max.turning length 3000mm/5000mm 3000mm/5000mm 5000mm/6000mm/8000mm
Machine guide rail width1100mm 1100mm 1350mm
Bed Rail Form Four guide rails Four guide rails Four guide rails
Max, Machine loading weight 8T 8T 20T
X axis stroke 425mm 425mm 500mm
Z axis stroke 3000mm/5000mm 3000mm/5000mm 5050mm/6050mm/8050mm
X/Z axis movement speed 10000mm/8000mm 10000mm/8000mm 3000/6000mm
X/Z axis minimum feed amount 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm
Spindle rotary speed (stepless) 10-300rpm 10-300rpm 4-200rpm
Spindle top code A2-15 A2-15 A2-15 or 1:30 Long Cone
Spindle bore Φ130 Φ130 Φ100
Spindle front end taper Metric140 Metric140 Metric140
Spindle top taper MT-6 MT-6 MT-6
Chuck Φ630mm Φ800mm Φ1000mm
Cutter shank section & mm 40×40 40×40 50×50
Tailstock sleeve diameter Φ260mm Φ260mm Φ300mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke 300mm 300mm 300mm
Tailstock sleeve cone taper MT-6 MT-6 Φ100(1:7)
Spindle power AC30 kW AC45 kW AC75 kW
Working accuracy IT6~IT7 IT6~IT7 IT6~IT7
Workpiece surface roughness Ra0.8 Ra0.8 Ra0.8

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