Deep Hole Honing Machine

We have the following models:

2M2120, max honing diameter 200mm, length is up to 20m.

2M2125, max honing diameter 250mm, length is up to 20m.

2M2135, max honing diameter 350mm, length is up to 20m.

2M2150, max honing diameter is 500mm, length is up to 20m.

2M2180, max honing diameter is 800mm, length is up to 20m.

2M21100, max honing diameter is 1000mm, length is up to 20m.

Deep hole honing machine function:

It is used for precise processing of various cylindrical workpieces. It can do either overall honing or local honing; When honing locally, the errors of taper, ellipse and local aperture can be corrected.

We have the following deep hole honing machine for your reference:

Casting bed deep hole honing machine, which could keep good accuracy for many years.

Welded bed deep hole honing machine, which have a cheaper price.

Guanlu Deep hole honing machine design advantage:

Casting bed, which could keep good accuracy for many years.

External oil spray and Interior oil spray to the honing positiong, which will wash away the honing mud in time to protect honing inner surface.

Honing head expansion controlled by servo motors.

Honing bed will experience oven tempering and honing bed will be precisely ground by Germany Herckert guide grinder.

Deep hole honing machines are built by the following parts:

Machine bed: welded machine bed(treat by oven quenching and precise ground, which other Chinese brand do not have these process).

Cast bed by HT300, treated by tempering, milling and ground. The linear guide rail is mounted on the machine bed, used for reciprocating movement of honing head, to meet the requirements of high speed during honing.

CNC/PLC control: Z1 axis, control the the longitudinal feeding movement of honing box(honing head reciprocating movement), the servo motor drives the rack and pinion mechanism through the reducing mechanism.

Z2 axis: Control the expansion of honing head, the servo motor drives the ejector pin to move axially through reducing mechanism.

Workpiece clamping: The workpiece is placed on V-shaped workpiece carriers, locked by the pipe clamp chain; V-shaped workpiece carriers could be adjusted by manual to clamp workpieces with different diameter.

Honing box: Used to drive the honing head to rotate, rotation speed stepless. Hoing box gears are precise ground and been quenched, hardness is up to HRC48-52. In order to improve the service life of gears and bearings, lubricating oil is used.

Workpiece carrier: Used to support the workpiece. V-shaped structure

Honing bar support rest: Supporting honing bar in the process of honing and measuring.

Coolant system: Supply the lubricating liquid for honing head. Mainly composed of pumps, paper filter, magnetic filer, oil tank etc.

Lubricating system: The honing box is filled with lubricating oil, the gears and bearings inside are lubricated by the rotation of the gears.

Control system:DELTA PLC /CNC

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