Tongyuan Brand CNC Horizontal Large Lathe

Models available for CNC horizontal large lathe:

sCK61100L, CK61125L, CK61140L

Max loading capacity: 6T

Max bed width: 755mm.

CK61125M, CK61140M, CK61160M, CK61180M, CK61200M

Max loading capacity: 10Ton

Max bed width: 1100mm

CK61125H, CK61140H, CK61160H, CK61180H, CK61200H

Max loading capacity: 16T

Max bed width: 1100mm

CNC large lathe function:

Turning function, is suitable for processing shaft, sleeve and disc parts. 

Boring function: If deep hole boring and turning functions needed on the CNC large lathe or CNC heavy duty lathe, customer can choose our deep hole boring functional attachment, The deep hole boring attachments could also be equipped according to end users job specific conditions, If the Length-Diameter ratio of the inner hole is small, we will choose boring bar+turning tools mode to process. Boring bar will be fixed on the tool holder and processed by overhanging. If the inner hole Length-Diameter ratio is bigger, we will use the deep hole processing mode, Boring bar will be fixed on the tool holder’s slide plate, adopts double supporting method, The counterweight is added at the end of the boring bar, and the boring bar support is added at the entrance of the deep hole. The slide plate of the tool holder is a reinforced structure, which adapts to the cutting resistance when boring the hole. In order to maintain the accuracy of the boring bar, the rear support of the boring bar is connected to the transverse linear guide rail of the carriage to enhance the stability of the boring bar.

Large lathe mainly parts:

Machine bed:

The machine bed is floor type, with width755/1100mm(depends on different models), made of casting iron HT300. The structure of guide rail is one flat and one V-shaped. There are "W" shaped reinforcing ribs in the inner cavity of the bed, After aging, the residual stress inside the casting parts is well removed, The machine bed is cast with a slope and an arch gate for backward chip discharge.


The headstock is an integral structure. The spindle adopt three points supporting.

The main drive of the headstock is driven by the MK servo motor, with four hydraulic gears;

Tool turret:

The tool turret is composed of a carriage and power turret, and the feed box is fixed under the front of the carriage. The power turret adopts servo control and can be installed with 12 sets of different tools for processing. The Z-axis feed of the carriage is driven by precision ball screw. The tool turret is driven by AC servo motor in Z axis and X axis. The tool turret is equipped with a walking platform, on both sides of which are equipped with pedals for workers to go up and down the tool rest. A button station is set at the left end of the platform.

Z-axis and X-axis:

Driven by servo motor, X-axis and Z-axis are driven by ball screw pair, both X-axis and Z axis are equipped with a grating ruler to form a closed-loop control.


The tailstock center of the machine is a fixed structure, and the expansion of tailstock sleeve is by manual.

The movement of the tailstock is driven by the AC motor through the gear rack.

The tailstock main shaft bearing adopts high-precision special main shaft bearing with strong bearing capacity, stable rotation and high accuracy.

The tailstock sleeve and the mandrel are conveniently separated and connected by a key.

A belleville spring mechanism is installed behind the tail shaft to prevent damage to the tail shaft system due to thermal expansion of the workpiece.

Auto lubricating system:

The lubrication of headstock bearings, gears and bearings in the box are completed by a special used oil pump. The lubrication of ball screw bearings and lubrication points of bed guide rail are intermittent and centralized, and the time is adjustable.

Hydraulic system:

It is used to shift the gears of headstock. The four-gear stepless speed regulation of the headstock is realized by hydraulic cylinder and solenoid valve.

Center rest:

The machine is equipped with a set of center frame. The machine tool is equipped with a slider-type closed center frame. 

Auto chips conveyor and coolant system:

The machine is equipped with chain plate auto chips conveyor, integrated water tank and cooling pump. The chips conveyor is installed at the back of the machine. The cooling pump sends cooling water to the tool turret through pipes.


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