Tongyuan Brand CNC Roll Lathe

Models available for CNC roll lathe:

CK8465(max swing diameter is 650mm), CK8480(max swing diameter is 800mm), CK84100 (max swing diameter is 1000mm)

CK84125(max swing diameter is 1250mm), CK84150(Max swing diameter is 1450mm), CK84160(max swing diameter is 1600mm)

CNC rolling lathe machine function:

CNC rolling lathe machine is mainly used for processing of planes, curved surface and holes. It is widely used in the rough and finish machining of variously plates, boxes, racks, and other complex parts in the machinery manufacturing industry.

CNC rolling machine main parts:

Machine bed: Casted by iron,Integral three guide or four guide rail. Guide rail will be quenched, hardness is not less than HRC50. Double rectangle structure.

Main spindle box: Has independent hydraulic control system and lubrication system. Driven by DC main spindle servo motor, When install the workpeice, machine has heavy duty chuck and mechanical.

Tool turret: The tool turret is suitable for roller parts. Applicable for variously shaft parts rough and fine finishing machining, especially for heavy duty cutting.

Tailstock: Aopts up and down split structure. Tailbox and tail box sleeves rapid move are drag by independent motor. And have overloading protector.

Auto lubricating system and Hydraulic system:

Machine all parts have independent lubrication system, hydraulic system has two parts, headstock hydraulic system and tailbox hydraulic system.

Center rest:

The machine is equipped with center frame. Open type or crescent moon type.

Auto chips conveyor and coolant system:

The machine is equipped with chain plate auto chips conveyor, integrated water tank and cooling pump. The chips conveyor is installed at the back of the machine. The cooling pump sends cooling water to the tool turret through pipes.

CNC control: Siemens/Fanuc/Chinese brand CNC

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