Tongyuan Brand CNC Vertical Lathe

CNC vertical lathe function:

The machine can rough and fine finish the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, plane and circular surface of parts made of ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and some non-metallic materials at high speed.

Models available for CNC vertical lathe:

CK51E Vertical lathe series: CK518E, CK5112E, CK5116E, CK5120E

CK52 CNC double column Vertical lathe series: CK5225E, CK5231E, CK5235E, CK5240E

SCVL CNC single column vertical lathe series: SCVL50, SCVL60, SCVL80

SVL CNC single column high speed vertical lathe series: SVL125, SVL160, SVL200

CA51E single column vertical lathe series: CA5112E, CA5116E, CA5120E

C52E double column vertical lathe series: C5225E, C5231E, C5235E

Main Structure:

Column: Single column/double column, box structure, post guide rail is precisely ground, quenched. The column are protected by SS covers.

Work table base: cast part. spindle encoder is set in the middle of the spindle. Worktable and worktable base are separated from the motor.

Work table: cast part.

Spindle unit: workbench adopts spindle structure. a set thrust ball bearing and a set of double row roller bearings are installed on the spindle.

Beam: quenched and ground,horizontal guide rail has a large width and adopts a wide guide structure. Two clamping point are used for lifting and lowering the beam.

Infeed Mechanism: X axis and Z axis drive by AC servo motor.

Main drive system: All main drive system are driven by gear wheel.

Electric tool table

Electric cabinet: with air conditioning.


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